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Clients trust us because they're looking for Amazing Results. Leveraging our experience and functionality results in faster development, faster revenue, more users, and the ability to better serve your users.

Empowering Your Business to Scale 

From strategy to launch, we are passionate about empowering brands to grow effictively.

Exceed your Marketing Goals

Impany Inc. strives to provide you with the best ROI on your ad-spend. Our intelligent technology will place your brand in front of the right user, while deciphering strategies to create stronger interactions and engagements thus maximizing our results.

Pay for Performance

Increase your audience by connecting them with the brands they like. Both desktop and mobile alike, allow our performance team to do the work for you globally. Experienced Influencers, Media Buyers, Direct Site/App Publishers, and real time metrics powered by data and results.

Fraud Prevention

Our in-house Fraud Prevention and Protection Software guarantees you only pay for authentic engagements, safeguarding your budget and data accuracy. We offer 24/7 Protection to minimize your exposure to any suspicious traffic.

Rating Improvement

Having a positive rating can strongly influence user behavior. Our marketing strategy includes reputation and rating management.

Most Advanced Tracking Tools


Our ad tech allows for granular targeting, budget distribution and spot-on reporting. These real-time tools work to reduce campaign costs, reach more users and maximize ROI.


We monitor the full conversion life-cycle and adjust our media strategy accordingly. Under-performing ads are identified and budget us reallocated to winning ads.

Mobile and Web Responsive


With our best-in-class ad units we are able to target users across all devices, maximizing your brand's digital footprint. 

Ready to see Results?!

Impany is not new to the industry. We work diligently to have your campaign a success from launch. So you can have confidence your traffic is not wasted and watch your profits grow.

We offer competitive payment options for publishers, top offers and dedicated account managers.

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